Dwayne Wade’s Ex Has Eye on Gatorade Money

     CHICAGO (CN) – NBA Champion Dwayne Wade conspired with Gatorade and other companies he endorses to keep his ex-wife from receiving her share, the woman claims in court.
     Siohvaughn Wade sued Dwayne Wade, James Pritikin and Ginger Gordon, along with four companies that sponsor the Miami guard, T-Mobile USA Inc., Staples Office Superstore LLC, the Gatorade Co. and Lining LLC.
     Siohvaughn claims that in 2008, several months after her husband filed for divorce, she and Wade entered into an Agreed Preliminary Injunction (API) stating, among other things, that “all of Dwayne Wade’s income received from endorsements and marketing contracts (less contractual marketing fees) was required to be ‘immediately and directly’ deposited into a mutually selected financial institution.” (Parentheses in original)
     The complaint says “Dwayne Wade has either refused to advise marketing and endorsement companies and the NBA of the direct deposit requirement or, directly through agents advised them not to comply.
     “Instead, in breach of the contract reflected in the API, Dwayne Wade has had marketing and endorsement companies and the NBA pay him the funds that should have been directly deposited and Dwayne Wade, his agents and attorneys have decided when and how much of those funds should be deposited into the mutually agreed upon account.
     “As a result, Dwayne Wade, his agents and attorneys have been able to make an end run around the agreement reached in the API, including holding back funds which should have been paid into the mutually agreed upon account,” the complaint continues.
     Siohvaughn says she sent letters to the marketing and endorsement companies that pay her ex-husband, putting them on notice that they should deposit funds for Wade in the joint account.
     “In response Dwayne Wade sought and obtained temporary and preliminary injunctive relief that prohibited Siohvaughn Wade from using wrongful means to interfere with Dwayne Wade’s contractual rights,” according to the complaint.
     The new suit continues a long legal battle that began in 2009 when Wade claimed Siohvaughn defamed him by alleging that he had an affair and gave her STDs.
     Just over a year later, in May 2010, Siohvaughn alleged “that [actress] Gabrielle Union caused [Wade’s] children emotional distress by kissing Wade in front of them, and that Union and Wade nearly allowed one of the boys to drown during an unsupervised visit at their Miami home.”
     Siohvaughn has also alleged malpractice by her sons’ court-appointed representative, claiming he “ignored the boys’ complaints that their father cursed at them, threatened to hit them with ‘Mr. Fist’ and left them in the care of an ‘ex-felon.'”
     In the current case against Wade and his sponsors, Siohvaughn seeks more than $1 million in damages for breach of contract and civil conspiracy.
     She is represented by William Suriano of Riverside, Ill.

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