Dwayne Wade Hacked

(CN) – NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade says someone hacked into his computer, getting access to years worth of private information, and used it to threaten people and fraudulently correspond with third parties “using vulgar information purporting to be Mr. Wade.”

     Wade sued John Does 1-50 in Tyler, Texas Federal Court and filed a similar complaint in Beaumont Federal Court.
     Wade, a popular guard for the Miami Heat, claims that hackers got ahold of “years worth of (his) private and confidential information and data.” He calls the hacking “intentional, methodical and persistent.”
     Wade says the hackers changed passwords to get access to more information from his personal computer, including messages to and from his attorneys, financial associates and advisers, friends and family, including his two small children.
     The intrusions included “… fraudulently corresponding with third parties using vulgar information purporting to be Mr. Wade; (5) deceptively using Mr. Wade’s name and likeness to request private documents from third parties; (6) deceptively using Mr. Wade’s name and likeness to threaten third parties … (9) potentially subjecting Mr. Wade to liability claims for any unlawful acts deceptively committed by defendants purporting to be Mr. Wade.
     Wade says the hackers added an email address as a “notification address” for his account, and that the new address belongs to a man who lives in Tyler, Texas, who is identified in the complaint.
     He seeks a protective injunction and punitive damages for privacy invasion and violation of federal computer laws. He is represented by Mary Goodrich Nix with Gordon & Rees of Dallas.

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