Drugs for Cheez-its Gets Boy Expelled

     ST. CHARLES, Ill. (CN) – The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy illegally expelled a 15-year-old student for selling his ADD medicine to another student for bags of Cheez-its – but he did it because he wanted “to help his fellow student do better in school,” the expelled boy’s mother claims in court.
     The boy’s mother, A.K., claims the school knew her son has attention deficit disorder, as the school nurse dispensed him his medicine for it.
     When her son was called to the office and accused of selling the drugs to another student, A.K. says, he admitted it, but said “that he had done that in an effort to help his fellow student do better in school. (Her son) further admitted that he received several bags of chips/Cheez-its and/or $3.00 payments for this medication.”
     The school expelled him. His mom appealed, claiming that his misconduct was “likely a manifestation of his disability,” but the school didn’t buy it.
     A.K. seeks a restraining order and injunction prohibiting the school from expelling her son because of his disability.
     She is represented by Steven Glink of Northbrook, in Kane County Court.

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