Drones Help Search for Escaped Kangaroo in Florida

A kangaroo crosses the street on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018, in Jupiter, Fla. (Robbie Linton via AP)

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — A runaway kangaroo in South Florida has wildlife officers sending up a pair of drones to help search for a second day.

More than a dozen officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been joined by state troopers and local law enforcement in the search for Storm, a 5-year-old marsupial that hopped away from a home in a Jupiter Farms subdivision, where he’s been raised alongside six other kangaroos.

Owner Eric Westergard describes Storm as 4 feet tall and 45 pounds, with tawny fur, black paws and a powerful long tail.

Westergard tells the Palm Beach Post that Storm is laid-back unless he’s startled.

Wildlife officers plan to subdue him with a tranquiller dart and return the animal to its owner.

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