Drinking Liberally Sues Blue State Coffee

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Oh, those liberals. Living Liberally dba Drinking Liberally accuses Blue State Coffee of infringing trademark by using a “Drink Liberally” slogan, which is confusingly similar to “Drinking Liberally.” In its federal complaint, Living Liberally says it is “dedicated to creating communities around progressive politics.”

     “Defendant Blue State Coffee LLC is not only using Drink Liberally, which is virtually identical to Living Liberally’s Drinking Liberally trademark, service mark and trade name, for virtually identical goods and services, but also have done so after initially drafting and negotiating with Living Liberally a license to use such mark and then declining to enter the license, and expressly misrepresenting that they were ‘moving away from’ any use of their infringing mark. Clearly, this constitutes deliberate trademark infringement and bad faith, and must be stopped immediately,” Drinking Liberally claims.
     It is represented by Mark Kaufman with Kaufman & Kahn.

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