Don’t Worry, Be Blissful

     This may be heresy but not every dispute requires litigation.
     Some things are just better ignored.
     Consider Planned Parenthood v. Rounds, a ruling from the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit. Was this worth six years of litigation?
     OK, the topic is abortion so it’s one of those topics that people enjoy screaming at each other about. The object of the screaming here was a South Dakota law requiring doctors to provide all sorts of advisories to women considering abortions including telling them that their “relationship” with an “unborn human being” would be terminated by an abortion.
     If this came as a surprise to the patient, she probably did need the warning.
     I’m not going to take sides on this here – I have enough people screaming at me as it is – but the point I’d like to make is that we don’t need to worry about stuff like this. Litigation is completely unnecessary.
     If you’re a doctor and you think a required advisory is silly, just say so.
     Or read the stuff from the state while chuckling and making faces.
     Or point out that laws like this are often written by religious zealots who think you are evil and are going to hell.
     You obey the law and then make it pointless.
     Ignoring government can solve many problems.
     Consider the debt ceiling crisis of the past summer.
     Now stop considering it.
     Don’t you feel better?
     If you’d ignored the whole thing, it would have turned out the same but without the stress.
     There are many other things you can usefully ignore.
     Agonizing over the gap between the rich and poor?
     Stop squawking and concentrate on earning money. Then you can share it yourself because the government isn’t going to do it.
     Giving yourself hives over an overheating planet filled with short-sighted polluters and science-deniers?
     Start buying up land and planting trees. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. At least you’ll be breathing better.
     Insulted by the arrogance of The Housewives of (Fill-In-The-City)?
     Get yourself a makeover and start sniping. You’ll feel good.
     Worried about that weird growth on your skin?
     Just ….
     No wait, you should have that looked at.
     HUMILIATION. Quick – name the last person who was publicly reprimanded by a State Bar?
     Come on. It shouldn’t be that hard. It was public!
     The public reprimand – if a politician isn’t involved – may be the most pointless punishment ever. A fine of $44.08 doesn’t help either.
     Yes, I have an example. Check out a recent Kentucky Supreme Court ruling called Riley v. Kentucky Bar Association. Here we find a lawyer getting a public reprimand for making a sexual advance toward a class action client – in 2003!
     And not only does he get the dreaded public reprimand, but he also has to pay $44.08 in costs. If I were making this up, you wouldn’t believe me.
     According to the ruling, this was a lawyer who had had three previous dreaded private reprimands. Imagine how awful he must feel now.
     Imagine what he’s been doing since 2003.
     But I know what you’re wondering. You’re wondering why the heck I’m reading Kentucky Supreme Court attorney discipline rulings.
     I’m trying to ignore the economy and the environment and politicians…..

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