Don’t Squeeze the Customers!

     (CN) – A woman claims in court that a 300-pound doorman pulled her into a bear hug so tight it ruptured one of her breast implants.
     Kelli Belpedio says the traumatic embrace occurred as she entered Epic Restaurant in Chicago on March 29, 2013.
     She names the friendly doorman as Schyler Truesdell, “a former college football offensive lineman who weighed approximately 300 pounds.”
     “When Schyler Truesdell was squeezing Kelli Belpedio against his body on March 29, 2013, she felt a pain in the right side of her chest and a pressure against her right arm,” according to the complaint in Cook County Circuit Court.
     “When Kelli Belpedio awoke on March 30,2013, her right breast implant was deflated.”
     Belpedio says Truesdell’s bosses at Epic Management 351 should have told him “that doorman duties and policies at EPIC Restaurant did not include bear hugging customers.”
     The management company, Truesdell and Epic owner Steven Tavoso are named as defendants.
     Belpedio seeks $50,000 in damages. She is represented by Nathan J. Mirocha.

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