Donald Trump Unveils Economic Advisory Team

     (CN) – Donald Trump unveiled his team of economic advisors on Friday, a group that includes many people who have already been actively involved in his campaign.
     In the statement announcing the team, Trump’s campaign also said he’ll unveil a detailed jobs plan on Monday at the Detroit Economic Club. It said he will focus on “empowering Americans by freeing up the necessary tools for everyone to gain economically.”
     Among those named to the economic team, are hedge fund billionaire John Paulson; real estate investor and longtime Trump friend Tom Barrack, and investor Steven Mnuchin, who is also the candidate’s national finance chairman.
     Heading up the team is Stephen Miller, Trump’s national policy director, and Dan Kowalski, a former Senate budget committee staffer.
     Like Trump’s previously announced list of foreign policy advisors, the list includes no women.
     Trump’s announcement Friday came as the government reported that U.S. employers added 255,000 jobs last month. That could bolster Democrat Hillary Clinton’s claim that the state of the U.S. economy under President Barack Obama is not nearly as dire as described by Trump.
     The Trump campaign responded to the sunny economic news by issuing a release under Stephen Miller’s name that began, “We are in the middle of the single worst ‘recovery’ since the Great Depression.”
     “Economic growth is at 1.2 percent – the third straight quarter of less than 2 percent growth. Many workers today are earning less than they did in 1970, and household incomes are down nearly $2,000 under the Obama Administration,” Miller said.
     The litany of statistics continued for another two full paragraphs.
     “The economy the media and the Clinton Machine is describing is an economy that doesn’t exist for most Americans – it’s an economy enjoyed by her donors and special interests, and one suffered through every day by millions of Americans,” he added.

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