Dolphin Bonks Boy With a Toy

     BALTIMORE (CN) – A dolphin bonked a kid on the head with a toy at the National Aquarium, the child’s parents claim in a lawsuit.
     Ashley Lehman and Jeremy Benedict sued the National Aquarium Institute on behalf of their child, Aidan, in Baltimore City Court.
     The three of them attended a dolphin show at the National Aquarium on April 21, 2013.
     “After the show ended, plaintiffs began to leave and were standing near the dolphin pool, when an employee of defendant’s provided a dolphin in the dolphin pool with a white plastic toy,” the complaint states. “The dolphin pushed the white plastic toy out of the pool, striking the minor in the head, causing him injuries.”
     The parents seek $16,454 for negligence and pain and suffering.
     They are represented by Elan Rafael, with the Law Office of Roland Walker, in Baltimore.

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