Dog-Killer Cops Face Kafkaesque Lawsuit

     CHICAGO (CN) – Cops in suburban Chicago left a woman’s backyard gate open, killed her dog when it ran out the open gate, then cited her for having a dog at large, the woman claims in court.
     Chanette Weaver sued the Village of Hazel Crest and Officers N. Lagunas and James Rollins, in Federal Court. Hazel Crest, pop. 14,000, is a far south suburb of Chicago.
     “Early on December 24, 2012, Lagunas and Rollins responded to a call that an escaped convict was hiding in the basement of Weaver’s next-door neighbor,” the complaint states.
     “In investigating this call, Lagunas and Rollins entered Weaver’s backyard, unlocking the gate to her backyard in the process.
     “When exiting Weaver’s property, Lagunas and/or Rollins failed to secure the gate to Weaver’s backyard.
     “At approximately 7 a.m. that same morning, Weaver let Kobi out of her home and into her fenced-in backyard.”
     Kobi was Weaver’s pet Rhodesian ridgeback.
     She “did not know that Lagunas and/or Rollins had left her backyard gate unsecured,” Weaver says in the complaint.
     “Due to the gate being left unsecured, Kobi exited through the open gate in Weaver’s back yard and wandered onto Weaver’s driveway in the front of her home where Lagunas and Rollings were conversing.
     “Officers Lagunas and Rollins each fired two bullets at Kobi, killing him.”
     When Weaver filed a complaint with the Hazel Crest Police Department, “the police officer on duty accepted Weaver’s complaint, then issued Weaver a citation for having a dog at large in violation of Hazel Crest Ordinance Section 5-23,” the complaint states.
     Weaver seeks damages and special damages for unreasonable seizure, aggravated animal cruelty and emotional distress.
     She is represented by Lance Ziebell with Lavelle Law in Palatine.

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