Does She Want to Win?

     If Hillary Clinton wants to become president more than she wants to be the star of her own show, she’ll run with Bernie Sanders as her vice president.
     Bernie is the only Democrat who could capture the votes of millions of Donald Trump’s supporters and young Democrats.
     That would crush the Republicans, no matter who The Donald runs with.
     It would swing the election, and possibly the Congress.
     Do Democrats really want to win?
     And if not, why not?
     And speaking of vice presidents, who in his right mind would want to be Trump’s vice president?
     A man or woman who really wants to be a public servant — and elected officials, even the president, are, pardon me for stating what is no longer obvious, elected to serve the public.
     My favorite president at the moment is John Quincy Adams, our only president who ran for a seat in the House of Representatives after he left office. (He won.)
     When criticized for this, J.Q. said it was no shame for a president to serve in a lower office, “even as a selectman of his town.”
     John Quincy was our only president who died on the House floor. More or less.
     In 1846, while the House was discussing how to honor military officers who had made war on Mexico, Adams, who’d opposed the war, stood up and shouted, “No!”
     He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and collapsed, and died two days later.
     Can you imagine any former president today running for a seat in the House?
     Or for a selectboard?
     Of course not.
     Jimmy Carter, maybe. Barack Obama, maybe.
     But not Hillary. Not Trump. Because they have to be the star.
     Hillary is willing to throw the election to a neo-fascist know-nothing who will destroy the worthy causes for which Hillary has fought for 40 years — rather than share the stage with a man who could hand her on a platter the prize she has sought all her life.
     That’s stupid. Typical Democrat.
     Trump — well, let’s see who he picks for veep. But when he does so, I ask, can you imagine Trump running for vice president?
     Do you think he really wants to serve us?
     Or does he just want us to stroke him?
     Read Roman history, my friends. Read about Caligula, and Nero, and Elagabalus.
     Contrast and compare.
     This will count on the final exam.
     Inchoate anger stalks our land.
     It’s scary — to brown folks, to black folks, to young people, to tens of millions of white folks — to anyone who reads history.
     Bernie is the only guy who can channel these millions of people’s rage — to Hillary.
     He’s the only Democrat who can turn out the vote.
     And turnout — not anything else — will win or lose this election.
     People are right to be angry.
     Our government is corrupted by money from top to bottom, and that includes the Supreme Court.
     I never liked Clarence Thomas, though I give him credit for this: When I learned that he’d accepted a gift of $800 worth of snow tires, while he sat on the Supreme Court, he taught me how cheaply our government can be bought.
     I like Donald Trump more than I like Clarence Thomas.
     Let’s say I hate him less.
     Because Trump steps right out and shows how vile he is, and has fun doing it. While Justice Thomas hides in bitter silence, and seems to hate the system that made him what he is.
     Get out there and vote.

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