Doctor’s Widow Sues Cardiologist

     CITY ISLAND, FLA. (CN) – A cardiologist negligently injected a patient with air rather than a contrast agent, killing him, the man’s widow claims in Volusia County Court.

     Regina Deiparine sued Dr. Dinesh Arab and Cardiology Physicians for wrongful death. Deiparine’s husband, Rolando, was a doctor. He scheduled a cardiac catheterization with Dr. Arab in February this year, as part of pre-operative evaluation for a kidney transplant.
     “(D)uring left ventriculography, the power injector that should have been loaded with contrast was actually loaded with air,” the complaint states. “Dinesh Arab, M.D., gave the order to fire the power injector, causing a massive air embolism, acute cardiopulmonary arrest, and the death of Rolando B. Deiparine, M.D.”
     The widow is represented by James Smith of Daytona Beach.

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