Doctors’ ‘Pill Mill’ Accused In Death

     HOUSTON (CN) – Failing to heed a father’s warning that his son was addicted to prescription drugs, two Houston doctors running a “pill mill” continued to provide him with drugs – more than 300 Xanax and 200 Vicodin in the month before he died of an overdose – his family claims in Harris County Court.

     A medical examiner ruled that Charles Stockdale’s death was caused by “the toxic effects of hydrocodone, alprazolam and diazepam.”
     Drs. Steven Philip Kloeris and Rajeswari Thiagara Rajan, and members of their practice, prescribed Stockdale and his wife, Kristen, with a plethora of pills, including Lortab, Klonipin, Soma, Lithium, Vicodin, Ativan and Xanax, the survivors claim.

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