Doctor Under Heat From Irate Patients

     KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – A greedy doctor diagnosed a patient with 18 diseases and disorders and ordered thousands of dollars in tests before she ever saw or spoke to him, the patient claims in court.
     Ricky Morgan sued Dr. Carol Ann Ryser and Health Centers of America – Kansas City, in Independence County Court.
     Ryser and Health Centers of America are frequent flyers in court. Morgan’s complaint is the 12th against Ryser since May 2009; many have virtually identical allegations .
     Morgan’s complaint states: “On December 10, 2007, prior to seeing Ricky Morgan as a patient or receiving any test results for him, Ryser diagnosed Ricky Morgan with 18 disorders including Lyme disease, hypertension, hypercoagulation, constipation, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, beta strep, systemic candidiasis, irritable bowel syndrome, hypoglycemia, generalized anxiety disorder, vasculitis, nutritional deficiency, cortico adrenal insufficiency, iodine deficiency, chronic sinusitis, general memory loss, and tremors. The majority of these diagnoses are ‘pet’ diagnoses Ryser gives to most of her patients the first time they present to her office, without the benefit of lab testing or a physical exam.
     “Despite the fact that Ryser had not spoken to Ricky Morgan, taken a history, or physically examined him, HCAKC employees informed him that he needed laboratory tests on his body, brain, blood, saliva, and stool.
     “Ricky Morgan was billed thousands of dollars for the initial testing.
     “HCAKC personnel drew approximately 40 vials of blood from Ricky Morgan pursuant to the orders of Dr. Ryser.
     “The tests performed on Ricky Morgan’s body, brain, blood, saliva, and stool ranged from the legitimate to the unscientific; the common denominator was that Ryser used the tests to further diagnose Ricky Morgan with diseases and health problems he did not have and to convince him of the diagnoses.
     “In the time that she cared for him, Dr. Ryser additionally diagnosed Ricky Morgan with various ‘bugs’ in ‘his biofilm.’ Dr. Ryser claims that these ‘bugs’ were hiding inside Ricky’s body in ‘biofilm’ and that they would lurk undetected and unreachable by medicine, only to spring out from time to time over periods of months or years.”
     Martin seeks actual and punitive damages for medical malpractice, fraud, negligence and violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.
     He is represented by Lance V. Baughman of Wright, Green & Baughman in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

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