Doctor Sues DEA

     MUSKOGEE, OKLA. (CN) – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration illegally revoked a doctor’s DEA registration to accommodate a private insurer that did not want to pay for opiate pain relievers, the doctor claims in Federal Court.

     Dr. Robert Kale claims the DEA and the Arkansas State Medical Board illegally revoked his permission to prescribe narcotics “based upon the complaint of an insurance carrier providing workers compensation benefits because the workers compensation carrier was required to pay for medical care for an injured person who was being prescribed opiates. When the workers compensation carrier attempted to unsuccessfully interfere with the physician-patient relationship between the plaintiff and his patient, the workers compensation carrier complained that the plaintiff was overprescribing medication.”
     Kane claims that after the DEA suspended his registration in August 2002, it refused to provide him a hearing or any information about the suspension until Sen. Tom Coburn intervened. Sen. Coburn also is a physician. The DEA relented in October 2005, Kale says.

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