Doctor & Patients, In Class Action,|Accuse Washington State Of ‘Opiophobia’

     SEATTLE (CN) – A doctor filed a federal civil rights class action against the Washington State Department of Health, claiming its “Interagency Guidelines for Opioid Dosing of non-Cancer Pain” are invalid, ultra vires, unenforceable, pre-empted by federal law, and based on irrational “Opiophobia.” The doctor and his patients say the defendants threatened to revoke the doctor’s license for prescribing pain-relieving drugs.

     This complaint is 202 pages long. Lead plaintiff Dr. Merle Janes and his John and Jane Doe patients are represented by Laura Cooper of Eugene, Ore.
     Here are the defendants: Peter J. Harris; Dr. George Heye; Erin Obenland; Dr. Frederick H. Dore Jr; State of Washington; Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission; Washington State Department of Health; Washington Agency Medical Directors Group; Dr. Gary M. Franklin; Craig McLaughlin; Marc Stern; Michael Arnis; Dr. Maxine Hayes; Dr. Nancy Fisher; Alfie Alvaredo-Ramos; and Gov. Christine Gregoire.

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