Doctor Can’t Prove Sex-Toy Scandal Ruined Job

     (CN) – An anesthesiologist failed to prove that Rush Medical Center sabotaged his new job by leaking false, petty information about a sex-toy scandal to his new employer, the 7th Circuit ruled.

     While a resident at Rush, Bradley Botvinick said someone framed him to make it look like he shipped sexually explicit items to a female physician.
     The package, from a company called Lover’s Lane, contained an invoice that conspicuously identified “Brad Botvinick” as the buyer.
     Rush’s data-processing department tracked down the computer used to place the order, and Botvinick said he was nowhere near that computer – or even in the same building – at the time.
     He said the real culprit stole his credit card and used it to buy the sex toys.
     The hospital never took any formal disciplinary action.     
     After residency, Botvinick signed on with Anesthesiology Associates of Dunedin, a Florida doctors’ association.
     He allegedly lost that job before it began due to “negative evaluations.” He theorized that doctors at Rush had fed AAD information about his alleged involvement in the sex-toy scandal.
     He filed suit in Illinois state court, accusing his evaluating doctors of tortiously interfering with his new job.
     The Chicago-based federal appeals court affirmed dismissal of the case.
     “[W]hat little evidence exists suggests that the scandal did not influence [AAD’s] decision,” Judge Tinder wrote, “and Botvinick has not countered with evidence suggesting that it did.”

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