Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Addicted Patients

     VENTURA, Calif. (CN) – A doctor got his female patients addicted to painkillers and then sexually assaulted them, former patients claim in federal court.
     C.S. and T.C. say they started seeing Dr. Victor Contreras, a pain management specialist, for knee pain and migraines, respectively.
     They claim Contreras intentionally got them hooked on oxycodone so that they would come back for refills. During their visits, they say Contreras “fondled” their breasts and “digitally penetrated” them.
     C.S. had been Contreras’ patient for three years, according to the complaint.
     “On every visit, Contreras performed a physical examination on (C.S.),” the lawsuit states. “He would either unbutton her shirt or lift up her shirt when using a stethoscope. He always felt her breasts. While doing so, he would talk about her breasts. Contreras stated that they were nice. He inquired if (C.S.) had implants, how long they were there, and where she got them.
     She claims Contreras later manipulated her into letting him perform a 20-minute PAP smear, during which he “digitally penetrated” her.
     “After he performed the PAP smear, (C.S.) noticed that Contreras had an erection,” the complaint states. “She felt very uncomfortable. He then started feeling her breasts.”
     T.C. claims Contreras used similar manipulation techniques on her first visit, when she told him she had migraines.
     “Contreras asked (T.C.) if she was married or had a boyfriend, to which (she) responded that she had a boyfriend,” the lawsuit states. “Contreras then asked if her boyfriend knew she was there. Contreras told (T.C.) he was going to do a physical exam and instructed her to get undressed.”
     Despite her reservations, T.C. says she did as she was instructed.
     “When Contreras returned to the room, (T.C.) told him that she was not comfortable undressing as her only complaint was migraine headaches,” the lawsuit states. “Contreras stated that he would stop seeing her if (she) would not cooperate. During the visit, Contreras grabbed plaintiff’s hips from behind. There was no nurse present. While undressed and in a gown, Contreras used his stethoscope while fondling (her) breasts. Contreras then prescribed 10 oxycodone.”
     He prescribed her 30 oxycodone on her second visit and 90 on the third, when he “fondled her breasts and then digitally penetrated her vagina,” according to the lawsuit.
     She claims Contreras dropped her as a patient on her fourth visit, after she questioned why there was never a nurse present during any of her examinations.
     T.C. and C.S. say they are not the only victims.
     “Plaintiffs are informed, believe and thereupon allege that Contreras has sexually assaulted other female patients that he prescribed addictive medications, that Contreras would get his female patients addicted, and then continue to sexually assault them when they returned for prescription refills,” the complaint states.
     A third co-plaintiff, offshore oil rig worker John Paul Romane, says Contreras prescribed him large doses of oxycodone and Xanax, including, at one point, 540 30-mg oxycodone per month, leading to severe addiction. By then, he says, “Contreras asked about Romane’s sex life, asked to have sex with Romane’s girlfriend and asked Romane to procure prostitutes for him.”
     “Contreras also solicited Romane to bring in new girls for appointments,” the complaint states.
     “Due to the outrageously large amounts of highly addictive medications, plaintiff lost his job. Plaintiff ended up with seizures as a result of taking Xanax. Romane’s life unraveled to the point where he attempted suicide on May 21, 2012. The large amount of narcotics likely resulted in Romane’s liver cancer since Romane never drank alcohol.”
     Romane, 27, has third-stage liver cancer, which has spread to his lungs, according to the complaint.
     The former patients claim that Contreras’ behavior was “outrageous in that he was in a position of power and authority, and that the sexual assault and overprescription of painkillers resulted in “illness to plaintiffs through mental and physical distress.”
     The doctor is accused of sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and medical malpractice.
     The plaintiffs, represented by Brian Osborne, demand general, special and punitive damages.
     Contreras’ ability to prescribe certain drugs has since been suspended, according to the lawsuit.

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