Doc Says Clinic Experimented on Humans

URBANA, Ill. (CN) – A doctor says she was fired for blowing the whistle on her clinic’s use of human subjects in cancer research. Dr. M. Suzanne Stratton, former vice president of research for the Carle Clinic Association, says a clinic director told her that following regulations on human testing was not important because the cancer patients were “going to die anyway.”

     In her federal complaint Stratton says the Carle Clinic Association, of Urbana, had a callous attitude towards cancer patients and their safety
     Stratton claims she was ousted as Vice President of Research after she reported her concerns internally and to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Cancer Institute.
     Stratton says Carle’s noncompliance issues include testing ineligible patients, giving patients unjustifiable drug dosages, and inaccurate lab draws. She says the National Cancer Institute confirmed her findings after investigating.
     Stratton seeks reinstatement, lost wages, and punitive damages for civil conspiracy, tortious interference, wrongful firing and whistleblower violations.
     She is represented by Carrie Herschman with Penny, Nathan, Kahn in Chicago.
     Defendants include The Carle Clinic Association, Carle CEOs Drs. James Leonard and Bruce Wellman, and Carle Cancer Center Director Dr. Kendrith Rowland.

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