Disturbed Nation

     Last week I wrote a column about LSD, and while it was posted on the Internet Augustus Owsley Stanley III died in a car crash in Australia.
     So this week I thought I’d write about the Republican Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.
     Ha ha! Just a little joke on the Republican Gauleiters who have seized the Means of Production!
     A Republican state representative in Texas has proposed a bill that would punish a doctor with 5 years in prison and a $5 million fine if the doctor asked a patient if he had a gun.
     State Rep. Jason Brodeur, from Sanford, in the Texas Panhandle, wrote and introduced this ridiculous, vicious law.
     Sanford wants to imprison and financially cripple any doctor who tries to protect a violent, mentally disturbed patient from himself, or protect the nut’s family and the public – though you or I could ask anyone that reasonable question without being sent to prison.
     And speaking of insanity, the Faculty Senate at Kennesaw State University in Georgia this week delayed a vote on whether the college should hire as its next provost Kent State Professor Timothy Chandler – because 13 years ago Chandler was co-author of an academic paper that quoted Karl Marx.
     That’s right. Mr. Chandler, a historian, had the brass to mention Mr. Marx in an academic paper in 1998. And Mr. Chandler wasn’t even very nice to Mr. Marx.
     But after the Marietta Daily Journal ran repeated editorial columns criticizing the college, and Chandler, for their radical presumption, the brave faculty at Kennesaw State took the bull by the tail – and punted.
     Chandler, a naturalized U.S. citizen from the dangerously socialist nation of England, has a Ph.D. from Stanford.
     I tried to read Mr. Chandler’s paper, but it made my heart stop. I had to be revived with stimulation by a Republican House Page.
     Ha ha! Just a little joke on our Queer Republican Caucus!
     Joke’s on you this time, guys!
     For 40 years my mom has been telling me, “Robert, you have such a good vocabulary. Why do you use such horrible words?”
     I usually tell her, “Tengo un fusil.” (I have a gun.)
     Ha ha! Just a joke, Mom!
     Actually, I usually tell her, “I know what the words mean, Mom. I use them because they are the words I want to use.”
     This concludes our Introduction.
     Now we come to the Main Theme.
     I am sick to death of the fascists in the Republican Party.
     And I am sick to death of the cowards in the Democratic Party, from the White House on down, who are bending over for fascists, day after day, week after week, in a pathetic attempt to be re-elected.
     There is no such thing in the United States – yet – as a crime of thought.
     To suggest that doctors be imprisoned for speaking to a patient, or that a college professor be disqualified for citing a world-historical thinker in an academic paper, is to take the first steps on that one-way road trodden before, in Germany and in the Soviet Union.
     And to suggest that these insane proposals are “conservative” is not only untrue, it’s revolting.
     Our country is suffering from a dementia, a mass psychosexual disturbance that has wrought thousands of deaths around the world, and that is trying hard to bring us more deaths, here, for our Homeland Security.
     I blame the Republican Party for kowtowing to the fascists within it.
     I blame the Democrats for their gutlessness.
     And I blame the great American public for its stupidity and fear – a fear without reason, a fear akin to rabies, to a plague, to fascism.
     My favorite Salvadoran poet, Roque Dalton, who was assassinated by one of his leftist friends, wrote a short poem with which I shall conclude.
     Here is my translation of the poem:
     Never forget
     that the least fascist
     of the fascists
     is still a fascist.

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