Disabled Man Sues Greyhound

     CHICAGO (CN) – Greyhound Lines promised to provide a lift-equipped bus for a disabled man who was moving from Alabama to Chicago, but did not do it, forcing him to crawl up the bus stairs and injure himself, he claims in Cook County Court.

     The plaintiff claims that after promising, but failing, to provide the lift, Greyhound employees told him he had to board the bus himself or it would leave without him. He claims no one from Greyhound offered him any assistance as he crawled out of his wheelchair and up the stairs of the bus. He says that as a result of these exertions, he soiled himself, and had to remain in that condition for the 13-hour bus ride to Chicago.
     He demands damages for breach of contract, distress and negligence. He is represented by John Partelow.

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