Disabled Man Says Condo Board Discriminated

     NORFOLK (CN) — A Virginia man whose neurological condition has rendered him progressively more disabled claims in court his condo association unlawfully refused to renew his lease.
     In a complaint filed n Virginia Beach, Bijan Shekarriz, says he’s owned a residence for years in the Harbour Gate condominium community in Virginia Beach, and had no run problems until he developed an incurable neurological disease.
     In 2011, Shekarriz says, Harbour Gate Owner’s Association Inc. approved his request to have a service dog, and after he because too ill to occupy his until, the association allowed him to rent it out.
     But when he asked to extend his lease on the unit in 2014, the association denied his request, the complaint says.
     Shekarriz says he attempted to down sit down with members of the association to explain his need to rent his property, but he claims this request was also rejected.
     He then filed a formal appeal with the association, but that too was dismissed out of hand.
     Shekarriz says he then asked his attorney to contact the association and that it was only then, in June 2014, that it agreed to let him rent his unit.
     By this time, he says, finding a tenant was a problem. He didn’t find one until November 2015, the complaint says.
     In the meantime, Shekarriz claims, the series of denials and adversarial interactions with the association had worsened his already declining health.
     Shekarriz claims Harbour Gate Owner’s Association’s actions were a direct violation of Virginia’s Fair Housing Law.
     He seeks $200,000in compensatory damages, $350,000 in punitive damages and injunctive relief.
     Neither Kevin Martingayle, the attorney for Shekarriz, nor a representative of the Harbour Gate Owner’s Association was available to comment.

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