Disabilities Council Boss Is Biased|Against The Disabled, Group Claims

     NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CN) – An advocacy group has sued Gov. Jon Corzine in Middlesex County, saying the director he appointed to the state council on disabilities is in fact insulting and condescending towards the disabled, including disabled members of the council, of whom she said, “Just give them cupcakes and pizza; that’s all these people want.”

     Next Step, an advocacy group, sued Gov. Jon Corzine, the New Jersey State Council of Developmental Disabilities, and its Director Alison Lozano. The 22-page complaint accuses Lozano of insulting and condescending behavior to disabled people, tolerating a hostile workplace for them, and contributing to it.
     For instance, Lozano allegedly said at a public meeting that “people with developmental disabilities have only a 15 minute attention span as compared with normal people;” and on another occasion, “people with cognitive disabilities only have an attention span of 8 minutes.”
     They claim Lozano asked three developmentally disabled members of the council to resign – one of them a plaintiff – without replacements ready, “in violation of the Council’s mandate that at least six members of the Council be developmentally disabled.”

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