DHS Worker Cheated People for $240,000

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – A former Homeland Security employee was sentenced Friday to 115 days in jail for defrauding people of $240,000, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     Dario Tomas, 53, of Oceanside, pleaded guilty to wire fraud, prosecutors said in a statement. He admitted that while he worked for DHS in Korea he defrauded investors of $240,000, claiming he would use the money to open a computer training school in the Philippines.
     Tomas admitted he created false email accounts and sent and received messages to make it look like things were hopping. But he admitted he gambled away all the money.
     He defrauded two people, a citizen of Korea and a U.S. serviceman.
     Tomas already has spent 2 years in a Korean prison for it.
     He also was ordered to pay $240,000 in restitution.

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