DHS Can’t Adopt Software Until It Allows Other Bids

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Court of Federal Claims blocked the Department of Homeland Security from using two software companies for its standard financial-management software until it allows other companies to bid on the lucrative contract.

     Savantage Financial Services won its bid for an injunction keeping the government from solidifying a proposed deal with Oracle and Systems Applications Products, the financial management systems chosen to integrate the financial systems of the 22 separate federal agencies that merged to create the Department of Homeland Security.
     The department decided to expand the contracts of Oracle and SAP – two of the five software systems currently used by the 22 agencies – without any competitive process, the court concluded.
     “Plaintiff has persuasively argued that the justification for awarding sole source contracts to Oracle and SAP was arbitrary and capricious,” Judge Bohdan Futey wrote.

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