Deutsche Bank Accused of Anti-Semitism

     MIAMI (CN) – A former vice president claims his boss at Deutsche Bank Securities told him he could not attend a winter holiday party “because they were ‘not letting Jews in,'” and the company fired him for complaining of it.

     David Sugarman says he was the only Jewish worker in Deutsche Bank’s Miami office. He says that for more than 2 years the bank “repeatedly subjected (him) to offensive, discriminatory, and/or other conduct based on religion.”
     He says he was told in November 2007 that he could not go to the holiday party because he is Jewish. And he claims that at a company orientation in December 2007 he was isolated at a table away from the non-Jewish brokers. He says these and other actions were clearly anti-Semitic, and meant to be seen as that.
     Sugarman says he was fired after he filed a discrimination complaint in October 2008. He demands lost wages and punitive damages. He is represented in Miami-Dade County Court by Melanie Damian.

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