Designer Says TaylorMade Swiped His Putter

     VISTA, CALIF. (CN) – A golf club designer claims TaylorMade Golf Co. defrauded him by claiming to reject his “grooved face” putter, then making and selling just such a putter on its own.

     Jay Woodward claims he had a longstanding relationship with TaylorMade, which sold his “Nubbins” putter. In the course of this relationship, from 1997 to 2005, Woodward said he testified for TaylorMade in a lawsuit against Pixl Golf Co., involving the Nubbins putter.
     Woodward claims he showed TaylorMade his new, grooved-face putter design in December 2003, and TaylorMade told him, falsely, in June 2004 that it wasn’t interested in it. In July 2005, Woodward says, he found that TaylorMade was making and selling a grooved-face putter “throughout the world.”
     He demands a constructive trust, accounting, and damages for constructive fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract. He is represented in Superior Court by Neil Papiano with Iverson, Yoakum & Papiano of Los Angeles.

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