Deputy Sheriffs’ Union Sues Pima County

     TUCSON (CN) – The deputy sheriff’s union sued Pima County, claiming County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry interfered with its membership and exceeded his authority. The union claims Huckelberry refused to certify a petition calling for the Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s Association to become the representative for all law enforcement officers in the county’s meet-and-confer process.

     Huckelberry rejected the petition because it was signed by employees other than deputies, including sergeants and other high-ranking officers, the union claims in Pima County Court.
     Huckelberry wrote to the union that the county’s meet-and-confer process applies only to deputies, not to all “certified law enforcement officers,” as the union claims.
     It is the latest in a long-running series of squabbles between the union and the county.
     Until 2008, sheriff’s deputies were the only Pima County employees not eligible for meet-and-confer. The union says that Huckelberry’s “determination to limit rights … to only deputies is arbitrary and capricious, and an abuse of discretion.”
     The union is represented by Martin Bihn with Bihn & McDaniel.

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