Deputy Sexually Assaulted Her, Woman Says

     TUCSON (CN) – A woman claims a Pima County deputy sheriff sexually assaulted her after entering her home under color of law, and when she demanded an investigation, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik sent another deputy, who told her assailant, “We’ll punch holes in her story”.

     The woman, who is married, claims defendant Deputy Sheriff Michael Boria sexually assaulted her. She claims it was inappropriate for the Sheriff’s Department to investigate an alleged sexual assault by its own employee, and that this became manifest when Dupnik sent “Deputy Faircloth” to do the investigation.
     She claims: “Deputy Faircloth conversed directly with Defendant Deputy Boria – knowing him to be implicated in allegations of sexual assault – and recalled these words when he gave his statement: ‘I said, look, we’ll look into it. We’ll, we’ll, uh, and I remember saying, we’ll um, we’ll get, we’ll get all the facts. We’ll um, just trust us, we’ll figure it out one way or another. … Uh, we’ll punch holes in her story or whatever … .”
     The woman and her husband demand punitive damages. They are represented in Pima County Court by Robert Hungerford.

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