Deputies Tasered Man To Death, Family Says

     HOUSTON (CN) – Harris County Sheriff’s deputies killed a mentally disabled man in his home by beating him and Tasering him more than 30 times, the man’s family claims in Federal Court.

     The family claims Herman Carroll aka Herman Barnes was killed on Oct. 6, 2006 after deputies entered his home without a warrant, without probable cause, and beat and Tasered him repeatedly.
     They claim Sheriff’s deputies Andy Viruette Tasered him seven times, Rex Evans two times, and George Ellington 23 times. The family also sued Taser International, Harris County, and Sheriff Tommy Thomas.
     “There is no record of Barnes committing any crime,” the complaint states. The family says the deputies beat and Tasered him to death after a verbal exchange with Viruette on the street.
     The family is represented by Anthony Griffin of Galveston.

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