Depressed Worker Blames Costco

      FRESNO (CN) – A Hispanic man claims Costco is liable for the disabling depression he suffered after he got a co-worker pregnant and she ended their relationship, and Costco refused his request, and his physician’s request, that he be transferred to another store or another department so he would not have to work with her, constructively firing him.

     Mario Lopez claims Costco has a policy “to transfer employees who become involved in a relationship in order to avoid favoritism or the appearance of bias,” and that “several Caucasian co-workers were allowed to transfer after their relationship ended with other co-workers. Plaintiff believed because he was Hispanic and his ex-girlfriend was Caucasian, management refused to transfer him in order to allow the situation to fester until Plaintiff would be forced to resign.”
     Plaintiff is represented in Superior Court by Juan Falcon. See complaint.

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