Dentist Molested Her in Chair, Girl Says

PITTSBURGH (CN) – A teen-ager who went to the dentist to have wisdom teeth pulled says she awoke from sedation to find his erect penis in her mouth. Then, she says, the dentist knocked her out again with drugs that left her unconscious for an entire day.

     The plaintiff says she was 16 when she went to Dr. Robert Boyda Jr. in 2006 to have her wisdom teeth removed. She was his last patient of the day.
     According to the complaint in Allegheny County Court, Boyda knocked her out with an intravenous injection, and “The next thing [the plaintiff] remembered was waking up in the treatment room alone with Dr. Boyda. At the time she awoke, [the plaintiff] remembers seeing and feeling Dr. Boyda inserting his erect penis in her mouth.”
     When the girl’s mother was allowed to see her still-unconscious daughter after the surgery, Boyda told her he had been forced to administer increased amounts of sedation because the girl was “a fighter,” according to the complaint.
     Boyda and the girl’s mother had to carry her to her car to get her home, and the girl says she remained unconscious for the next 24 hours.
     She says she was still feeling the effects of the sedatives two days later when traces of Oxazepam were found in her system at an employment drug screening.
     Oxazepam is a tranquilizer used to treat anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal.
     As a result of the dentist’s assault and battery, the girl says she developed hives, had to college in the fall semester of her freshman year and continues to suffer from nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, anxiety and depression.
     The complaint states that “employees of the practice quit their jobs because of Dr. Boyda’s proclivity for sexually molesting sedated patients.”
     Local media reported that Boyda surrendered to police after four young patients alleged that he had sexually assaulted them while they were under anesthesia.
     At the time, his attorney claimed the girls were “hallucinating” and said, “The allegations are bizarre. It’s obviously not true. It’ll be easy to prove innocence,” according to KDKA news in Pittsburgh.
     The plaintiff seeks punitive damages. She is represented by Lawrence Fisher.

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