Dennis Quaid Sued|Over Horse Accident

     (CN) – A man says he nearly died on Dennis Quaid’s horse trail when a sprinkler on the actor’s property spooked the horse, which fell on top of him.
     Lester Wood claims in Los Angeles Superior Court that a flawed design in a trail on Quaid’s property, which is adjacent to Will Rogers State Park, caused his injuries when the horse he was riding reared up and fell on top of him.
     The horse Wood was riding during the September 2010 incident fell off a five-foot embankment onto Wood when it was startled by a sprinkler system, he told local newspaper the Palisadian-Post.
     The accident sent Wood to the hospital in critical condition, where he needed multiple surgeries to recover from a torn aorta, nicked liver, torn bladder, torn meniscus, broken shoulder blade and ribs and shattered pelvis, he told the newspaper in 2011.
     Wood said then that the accident cost him almost $500,000 in medical bills, but the lawsuit does not list a specific demand for damages.
     The suit names as defendants Dennis Quaid and Shawn Shenassa as trustees of the Lucky 13 Trust.
     Wood is represented by James Biesty of Biesty Garretty & Wagner in Los Angeles.
     Dennis Quaid has appeared in movies like “The Right Stuff” and “Far From Heaven.” In 2007 he sued Baxter Healthcare Corporation, the company that makes the anticoagulant drug Heparin.
     Quaid and his wife, Kimberly Quaid, claimed the company was responsible for nearly killing their newborn twins after the babies were given adult versions of a blood-thinning medicine.

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