Denmark Leads in Prices

     Denmark leads the European Union in a way that most nations would not want to advertise: they have the highest prices. An EU statistical report shows prices for consumer goods in the small Scandinavian nation are running at 141% of the EU average, while Poland is at the other end of the scale with some of the lowest prices in Europe.

     The Eurostat report is based on 2008 price levels for consumer goods and services.
     Denmarkr was followed by Ireland (127%) and Finland (125%) and and Sweden (114%).
     Belgium and France (both 111%) were a notch above Italy and Austria (both 105%), Germany (104%) and the Netherlands (103%).
     In what be a surprise to anyone who has rented a hotel room in Covent Garden, The United Kingdom, (99% of the EU27 average) compared with Spain (96%) and Greece (94%) just below the average.
     The former Eastern Bloc nations vied for the bottom of the list.
     Price levels between 20% and 30% below the average were seen in Estonia (77%), Latvia (75%), the Czech Republic (72%), Hungary and Slovakia (both 70%). The lowest price levels were found in Bulgaria (51%), Romania (62%), Lithuania (67%) and Poland (69%).

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