Delta Airlines Dumped Her in Africa Because She’s Black, Flight Attendant Says

     ATLANTA (CN) – A Delta Air Lines flight attendant claims she was abandoned in Africa after a verbal altercation with another flight attendant because she is black. The flight attendants were on a flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Dakar, Senegal. Plaintiff Cynthia Ward is black; the other flight attendant is white.

     During the flight, Ward says, she argued with Kim Faires, and the argument continued after landing in Dakar. The next day, Ward says, the flight captain told her she would not be on the flight returning to Atlanta. Ward claims Faires had a sexual relationship with the captain, who also is white.
     Since the flight, Ward says, she has been “blackballed” by pilots, who will not speak to her on flights or make “inappropriate comments.”
     Ward is represented in Fulton County Superior Court by David Betts with Betts & Associates.

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