Defendant Shot Dead at Courthouse in Mississippi

     (CN) – A defendant awaiting the start of his trial in a small courtyard outside a Mississippi county courthouse was shot and killed Monday morning, law enforcement officials said.
     The victim has been identified as Kendrick Armond Brown, who was scheduled to appear in court on charges of selling cocaine and conspiracy to sell cocaine. His trial on those charges was scheduled to begin later this month.
     The gunman was apprehended at the scene, but has yet to be identified, Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.
     According to the investigators, the motive for the shooting is still unknown. Brown was not a witness or suspect in any other criminal cases, they said.
     District Attorney Michael Guest said the victim had been waiting outside the courthouse with his lawyer, Rusty Willard. Williard could not immediately be reached for comment.
     Sheriff Tucker said the incident transpired quickly. He said the suspect climbed out of a car, walked directly up to Brown, and shot him once in the chest with a semiautomatic handgun.
     The sound of the shot less than 200 feet from the front of the courthouse, caused deputies to run outside to investigate, at which time the suspect put down his gun and was arrested without a struggle.
     Brown’s mother told the local CBS affiliate that he called her before he died and told her he’d been shot. She said deputies told her that he died moments later.

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