Defective Hoist Blamed For Fatal Plunge

     SAN ANTONIO (CN) – Despite repeated problems with a Hercules Elevator Hoist, the companies building the downtown Grand Hyatt Hotel sent Joseph Montez Jr. up the face of the hotel with a load of drywall, which shifted and pinned him against the door, whose rollers popped off the track, plunging him 20 stories to his death, Montez’s survivors claim in Bexar County Court.

     Montez’s survivors sued Jing Long Eng. Machinery Co., Rock Island Riggins and Lewis Crane and Hoist. Before the fatal accident, the survivors claim, “workers and contractors at the site had voiced their concerns on multiple occasions regarding the unsafe condition of the Hercules Elevator hoist” and defendants “were on the worksite servicing or maintaining the Hercules Elevator hoists on a continual basis.”

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