Debt Collector Said to Have Hit Her When She Was Down

     HOUSTON (CN) – A homeowner claims in court that a debt collector “somehow learned” that her house was on fire, showed up at the property and seized her belongings.
     “On December 1, 2011, a residential fire broke out at the insured property, causing damage to the physical structure of the home and its contents,” according to the complaint filed in Harris County on behalf of Mara Kafarela.
     “Blackmon Mooring somehow learned of the fire and a Blackmon Mooring representative showed up at Ms. Kafarela’s home while it was burning.
     “At this most devastating and stressful time and while she was under a great deal of duress, Blackmon Mooring coerced Ms. Kafarela to sign a contract with Blackmon Mooring.
     “Blackmon Mooring took Ms. Kafarela’s possessions and has custody of those possessions to this day.”
     Kafarela refers to Blackmon Mooring as a debt collector and says its actions has caused her “worry, distress, and continuing economic and physical damage.” The companny calls itself a fire, water, mold damage restoration service.
     To make matters worse, Kafarela says, Texas Fair Plan Association and CJW & Associated denied her full insurance claim for property damage caused by the fire.
     Kafarela seeks more than $125,000, plus punitive damages, for violations of Texas Insurance Code, breach of contract, bad faith, conversion, deceptive trade, fraud and unfair debt collection.
     She also wants penalties of 18 percent interest on the amount of her insurance claim. Kafarela is represented by Jeffrey Raizner with Doyle Raizner.

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