Deadline Extended to Turn Over ‘Crude’ Film

     (CN) – A federal judge has pushed back the deadline for the maker of the documentary “Crude” to hand over unused footage to Chevron.

     U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan ordered Joe Berlinger to turn over 600 hours of footage from the movie as part of a lawsuit that accuses Texaco, which is now owned by Chevron, of polluting the Amazon rain forest.
     Kaplan agreed with Berlinger’s attorneys that he enjoyed privilege, but found that it could be lost if the materials aren’t confidential and relevant to the case.
     Berlinger was to turn over the materials Friday. But the judge extended the deadline for May 24.
     The film tracks a class-action on behalf of the people of Ecuador and investigates problems like cancer and contaminated water as consequences of drilling for oil.

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