DBSI Ponzi

     WILMINGTON, Del. – The trustee for the $500 million DBSI Ponzi scheme sued AFA Financial Group and a long list of others, to try to recoup losses.
     Here are the defendants: AFA Financial Group; AFA Financial Group Parent Corporation; AIG Financial Advisors Inc.; AIG Financial Advisors Inc. Parent Corporation; Ameritas Investment Corp.; Ameritas Investment Corp. Parent Corp.; Aria Asset Mgmt LLC; Aria Asset Mgmt LLC Parent Corp.; Asset Planning Solutions; Asset Planning Solutions Parent Corp.; Beneficial Investment Services Inc.; Beneficial Investment Services Inc. Parent Corp.; Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.; Broker Dealer Financial Service Parent Corp.; Centara Capital Securities Inc.; Centara Capital Securities Inc.; Parent Corp.; Clark Wealth Strategies Inc.; Clark Wealth Strategies Inc. Parent Corp.; Commonwealth Financial Network; Commonwealth Financial Network Parent Corp.; Crown Capital Securities LLC; Crown Capital Securities LLC Parent Corp.; E-Planning; E-Planning Parent Corp.; Financial Advisors of America LLC; Financial Advisors of America LLC Parent Corp.; Financial Advisors Services; Financial Advisors Services Parent Corp.; Financial Telesis Inc.; Financial Telesis Inc. Parent Corp.; First Financial Equity Corp.; First Financial Equity Corp. Parent Corp.; FSC Securities Corp.; FSC Securities Corp. Parent Corp.; Gebhart & Associates Inc.; Gebhart & Associates Inc. Parent Corp.; Geneos Wealth Mgmt; Geneos Wealth Mgmt Parent Corp.; Global Brokerage Services; Global Brokerage Services Parent Corp.; Greystone Securities Corp.; Greystone Securities Corp. Parent Corp.; GWR Investments; GWR Investments Parent Corp.; Halpern Capital; Halpern Capital Parent Corp.; Harbor Financial Services; Harbor Financial Services Parent Corp.; Investacorp Inc.; Investacorp Inc. Parent Corp.; Investor’s Capital ; Investor’s Capital Corp. Parent Corp.; Pacific West Securities Inc.; Pacific West Securities Inc. Parent Corp.; Pension Planners Securities Inc.; Pension Planners Securities Inc. Parent Corp.; Primex; Primex Parent Corp.; Sawtooth Securities; Sawtooth Securities Parent Corp.; Securities America Inc.; Securities America Inc. Parent Corp.; Sentra Securities; Sentra Securities Parent Corp.; Spelman & Co.; Spelman & Co. Parent Corp.; Strategic Financial; Strategic Financial Parent Corp.; Summit Brokerage Services; Summit Brokerage Services Parent Corp.; The Concord Equity Group LLC; The Concord Equity Group LLC Parent Corp.; Triad Advisors Inc.; Triad Advisors Inc. Parent Corp.; UBS Financial Services Inc.; UBS Financial Services Inc. Parent Corp.; United Equity Services; United Equity Services Parent Corp.; VSR Financial Services Inc.; VSR Financial Services Inc. Parent Corp.; Wales Investments Inc.; Wales Investments Inc. Parent Corp.; Wallstreet E-Financial; Wallstreet E-Financial Parent Corp.; Waterstone Financial; Waterstone Financial Parent Corp.; Waveland Capital Partners LLC; Waveland Capital Partners LLC Parent Corp.; Welton Street Investments LLC; Welton Street Investments LLC Parent Corp.; WFP Securities Inc.; WFP Securities Inc. Parent Corp.; White Pacific Securities Inc.; White Pacific Securities Inc. Parent Corp.; Wilson Davis; Wilson Davis Parent Corp.; Woodbury Financial Services; Woodbury Financial Services Parent Corp.; Workman Securities Corp.; and Workman Securities Corp. Parent Corp.

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