Dangerous Drinking|at Arizona State

PHOENIX (CN) – Drunken Arizona State University fraternity members have repeatedly drawn police attention, the latest being a man left at a hospital with a note pinned to him after drinking 20 shots of Tequila.
     Fraternity brothers dropped off 20-year-old Aidan Mohr at a Tempe hospital last weekend, with a note stating, “I’ve been drinking and I need some help,” an incident widely reported in Arizona media.
     Mohr had a 0.47 blood-alcohol content – six times the legal limit and enough to kill someone, according to media reports.
     Mohr and other members of ASU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity held a Tequila-drinking contest Saturday, according to the media reports. The fraternity said it was not a fraternity-sponsored event.
     “National staff and local alumni leaders are investigating whether or not the chapter or its members had any affiliation with this incident, and at this time, we have no indication that it occurred in conjunction with any chapter-planned event or activity,” the fraternity said in a statement.
     Mohr’s friends took him to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital after he passed out and turned blue, according to the widespread reports.
     Police said he will be cited for drinking alcohol as a minor.
     Sigma Alpha Epsilon was in the news in November when 19-year-old Jack Culolias, a pledge, died after attending a fraternity party at a Tempe bar.
     Culolias, who had a blood-alcohol content of 0.28, was kicked out of the party at Cadillac Ranch on Nov. 30. His body was found in nearby Tempe Town Lake on Dec. 16.
     In April, five people were arrested after a fight broke out over a woman at a Tempe apartment complex that involved members of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
     “We heard shots, three shots in the air. Someone got hit with a baseball bat,” a woman told a 911 dispatcher. Surveillance video of the fight shows people being shoved and running from the area.
     “Contrary to many media reports, in the early hours of April 28, several men staged two separate, unprovoked and armed attacks on members of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Arizona State University,” the fraternity’s national headquarters said in a statement. “These attackers entered the home of DKE Brothers, an apartment complex where many of them live. No fraternity party was held at the apartment complex on that night.”
     At a house party in March, 21-year-old Andrew Kent allegedly threw a bottle of liquor into a bonfire, causing an explosion that injured two girls. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity members then asked the girls, who caught on fire and were burned by the blast, to leave the party so as not to draw attention to the house, according to contemporary reports.
     Kent, allegedly a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault. Several hundred people were believed to have been at the party.
     “These handful of recent incidents are not indicative of the more than 73,000 ASU students who work and study diligently, and stay out of trouble,” ASU said in a statement. “The university has zero tolerance for actions that put students at risk or are in violation of state and federal law.”
     Blood alcohol content of 0.30 can cause unconsciousness or death, with the danger of death increasing as the blood alcohol content increases.
     Dylan Thomas died after claiming to have drunk 18 shots of whiskey.

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