Dancer Says Founder Of Apogee Foundation|Sexually Molested Him For Years

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – A Kazakh-born dancer claims the founder of the Apogee Foundation sexually abused him for eight years, beginning at age 11, and that Kenneth Schneider founded Apogee to gain access to boy dancers for this purpose.

     The John Doe plaintiff claims that Schneider was working in Moscow as a legal consultant to Russian oil developers when he founded Apogee in 1997. He claims Schneider offered financial help to him, through Apogee, after meeting Doe when he was 10. Doe then was a student at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, far from his parents’ home.
     He claims Schneider began sodomizing him when Doe was 11, and eventually brought him to the United States, where he continued the sexual abuse, which so traumatized Doe that he was hospitalized, “almost comatose” from the years of abuse.
     Doe demands damages for child abuse, assault and battery, racketeering, emotional distress and other charges. He also sued Schneider’s family, whom he claims knew or should have known of Schneider’s abuse of the Apogee Foundation.
     Doe is represented by Kenneth Richmond in Federal Court.

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