Dancer Says Britney|Spears Broke Her Nose

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A “disheveled and confused” Britney Spears broke a dancer’s nose while rehearsing for Spears’ “Work Bitch” video, then broke her promise to pay for the surgery it required, the dancer claims in court.
     Dawn Noel Pignuola sued Spears and Riegndeer Entertainment on Monday in Superior Court.
     Pignuola, who dances under the name Dawn Noel, claims that an “unbalanced” and “reckless” Spears broke her nose on Aug. 19, 2013, promised to pay her medical bills, but refused to do so.
     Noel says in the complaint that she showed up at 10 a.m. that day to rehearse for the video, and that she and others rehearsed until Spears showed up at 12:30 p.m.
     Noel claims that Spears showed up “in a disheveled and confused state.”
     The lawsuit continues: “Although the choreography involving defendant Britney Spears was fairly basic, she was having difficulty learning the moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions.
     “After approximately half an hour of rehearsing, as plaintiff Dawn Noel stood off to Britney Spears’ side, Britney twirled in the unbalanced and reckless manner, arms extended out to her sides, and forcefully backhanded plaintiff Dawn Noel directly in the face.
     “Upon being struck in the face by defendant Britney Spears, plaintiff Dawn Noel and the other dancers heard a cracking sound which they immediately knew to be the sound of plaintiff’s nose breaking.
     “Plaintiff Dawn Noel felt immediate intense pain and grabbed her nose, at which time defendant Britney Spears said ‘sorry’ and then continued to attempt to learn the dance routine.”
     Noel says she rehearsed for another half hour, until she “could no longer stand the pain and had to leave to go see a doctor.”
     The doctor diagnosed her with “fractures of her nasal bones and advised that she would need surgery,” according to the 9-page complaint.
     “Following the incident, representatives for Britney Spears and Reign Deer Entertainment promised to pay for plaintiff Dawn Noel’s medical bills,” the lawsuit states.
     “After months of waiting for defendants to come through with their promise, and making certain that this incident did not become public knowledge to protect the privacy of all involved, defendants’ representative then advised that they would not pay for any of plaintiff’s medical treatment.
     “Defendants and their representatives have failed to even reimburse plaintiff for her medical appointment from the day of the incident.
     “As such, plaintiff had not choice but to retain counsel to bring this action in court to obtain compensation for her damages.
     Noel seeks damages for battery, negligence, and medical expenses.
     She is represented by Sark Ohanian with Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, of Beverly Hills.

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