Dancer Claims Newspaper Defamed Him

     CINCINNATI (CN) – A male dancer says the Cincinnati Enquirer defamed him by omitting crucial words from a quote about a lawsuit he filed against his employer, Naughty Bodies. David Mann claims the “exact wording” of the quote he gave the newspaper was, “If I was told at my interview that shows required dancer to have sexual contact with client I would not have accepted job.” He claims the newspaper “transformed” his statement to: “I was told at my interview (with Naughty Bodies) that shows required dancer(s) to have sexual contact with client.”

     Mann demands punitive damages for defamation, privacy invasion and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He also sued the Gannett Satellite Information Network, Enquirer reporter Kimball Perry and editor Julie Engebrecht for the July 9, 2008 story that was printed on the front page of the Local section under the headline, “Dancer’s lawsuit can go on.”
     Mann’s complaint against Naughty Bodies alleged that he was constructively fired for refusing to engage in sex with clients. He claims that when he accepted the job “he had no idea that sexual contact was required or expected. To the contrary, he alleged that the employee handbook given to him on hire date expressly provided that sexual contact would be ‘automatic grounds for dismissal.’ Despite the unambiguous language in Mr. Mann’s suit, the article falsely attributed to Mr. Mann a quotation stating that he knew at the time he accepted the position that sexual contact with clients was required.”
     Mann is represented in Hamilton County Court by Charles Bruch.

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