ATLANTA (CN) – A man says his 2008 Lamborghini Spyder, one of only two in the country, was stolen, taken on a 1,500-mile joyride and wrecked after he paid $27 for valet parking at an upscale hotel.

     Eric Vargosko says that after he paid the InterContinental Buckhead hotel in Atlanta for valet parking, it parked his wheels out front “as a marketing device to lure other wealthy customers to the hotel.”
     In his federal complaint, Vargosko says a hotel employee allowed two men to drive the car away at about 3:27 a.m., without “any proof that they were entitled to or had permission to enter plaintiff’s Lamborghini.”
     Vargosko says the car had only 600 miles on it when it was stolen.
     A month later, Atlanta police recovered the car behind the 24K Gold Club, allegedly after receiving a tip from one of the joyriders’ brothers.
     “The Lamborghini suffered extensive body damage and had been driven in excess of 1,500 miles in the month it was taken from plaintiff,” Vargosko says.
     The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $206,000. Vargosko demands $189,550 for loss of use, and other damages, from InterContinental Hotels.
     He is represented by John B. Jackson.

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