Dallas Schools Accused|Of Racist Spending Policy

     DALLAS (CN) – The Dallas Independent School District discriminates against black children and poor children in school spending, parents and students claim in Federal Court. They say one predominantly black school is so underfunded it has bathrooms with no doors inside classrooms.

     Plaintiffs, including The Coalition to Maximize Education, cite a litany of alleged racist abuses involving a $1.3 billion bond approved in 2002 and a $1.35 billion bond in 2008.
     They claim DISD bond manager John Williams was fired after complaining that the DISD was re-allocation bond money from black neighborhoods to other schools.
     They claim a 2002 DISD facilities study found $2.3 billion worth of work was needed, primarily in black schools, but the DISD ignored that list in its 2008 study, though those needs had not been addressed.
     Maynard Jackson Junior High School has restrooms “inside many of the classrooms,” the complaint states. “Many of them have no stall doors, creating an untenable privacy situation for the coeducational students.”
     The complaint states: “DISD’s neglect of Maynard Jackson, for example, resulted in the exposure to poisonous gases in the facility. Numerous reports were given to the administration about the situation. For years there have been sewer problems at this school and in some instances raw sewage was on the front lawn of the campus. The stench was so strong that students and personnel complained.”
     Plaintiffs claim the DISD is continuing its racist spending policies with the $1.35 billion bond that voters approved in May, by “diverting resources away from communities that are in the most need”.
     It cites Roosevelt High School, South Oak Cliff High School, D.A. Hulsey Middle School and James Madison as more exampled of underfunded, dilapidated campuses. Conditions in black school are so wretched that parents have their children bused to other schools, and the DISD uses the declining enrollment to justify cutting funding even more, parents say.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Gina Smith of DeSoto.

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