Dad Says Teacher Had Sex With Son

     CHICAGO (CN) – A teacher at Lawrence Hall Youth Services, a 24-hour-a-day home for troubled children, took a minor student off campus, bought him alcohol and drugs and had sex and oral sex with him in her car four times a week, the young man’s father claims in Cook County Court.

     The father sued Lawrence Hall Youth Services, but not the teacher he accuses of the sexual acts, Linda Pithyou. The dad says Pithyou inappropriately took his son off campus, kept him out past curfew, sometimes all night, bought him gifts such as clothes and a cell phone, bought him booze and pot, and “would engage in oral sex and have sexual intercourse with the minor plaintiff, John Doe, approximately four times per week at various locations in an automobile, occasionally with her 16 month-old child in the back seat.”
     The excursions allegedly happened in January and February this year. The dad says they caused his son physical and mental pain and suffering and emotional distress. He demands more than $50,000 in damages and is represented by Edmund Scanlan.

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