Dad Says Marine Jet Crash Killed His Family

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – Two babies and their mother and grandmother were killed and buried alive after a Marine Corp student pilot flying alone ejected from a faulty Boeing jet , causing it to crash into the family’s home, the children’s father claims in Federal court.

     The F/A-18D Hornet Marine Corps jet “had a history of warnings and system failures” that the United States knew about, plaintiff Don Yoon says, yet the Marine Corp cleared a student pilot for takeoff in violation of their own polices, regulations and procedures.
     The plane experienced a series of system failures and the student was forced to eject himself and abandon the plane during the December 2008 incident.
     The pilot and his flight squadron ignored the procedures for emergency situations which led to the pilot ejecting himself over a heavily populated residential neighborhood, “known to be a high-risk flight path from a published study known to the United States from approximately 30 years before,” the complaint says.
     The plane was loaded with fuel and burst into flames upon impact, burning Yoon’s family alive and burying them under their own home and belongings. Yoon’s wife was 36 and his two daughters were 15 months and 2 months.
     Yoon is suing the United States and the Boeing Company for general and special damage for negligence, breach of warranties and product liability.
     Yoon is represented by Raymond Feldman of Los Angeles.

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