Dad Blames Youth Coach for Son’s Blindness

     CHICAGO (CN) – A father blames an American Youth Football coach for his son’s blindness in one eye, caused by a low-kicked football, saying the coach allowed his son to practice without proper equipment.

     In a complaint filed in Cook County Court, Timothy Selep claims that Park Ridge Falcons’ coach William Kirkwood ordered his son to “snap” footballs at his teammates for kicking practice, though he was not wearing a protective helmet or mouth guard.
     Selep says Kirkwood “should have known that numerous … team members have been struck by poor or low-kicked footballs in similar kicking drills during past practices,” and that the child’s injuries were a result of Kirkwood’s negligence.
     League regulations allegedly prohibit a child from “participat[ing] in football practice without being fully equipped.”
     Selep sued Kirkwood, American Youth Football and the Chicagoland American Youth Football League.
     He is represented by Michael Mullen of Paul B. Episcope LLC in Chicago.

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