D.C. Tea Party

     WASHINGTON – Twenty-six more tea party groups sued the IRS in the tax-exemption brouhaha; click headline to see the plaintiffs.
     Here are the groups that claim the IRS obstructed or delayed their requests for tax exemptions: Linchpins of Liberty; Patriots Educating Concerned Americans Now; Greenwich Tea Party Patriots of South Jersey, Inc.; Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots; Unite in Action, Inc.; Allen Area Patriots; Laurens County Tea Party; North East Tarrant Tea Party; Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Inc.; Albuquerque Tea Party, Inc.; Colorado 9/12 Project; San Antonia Tea Party, Inc.; Wetumpka Tea Party, Inc.; OKC PIA Association; Richmond Tea Party; Hawaii Tea Party, agent of; Maui Tea Party; Shelby County Liberty Group; Manassas Tea Party; The Honolulu Tea Party; Waco Tea Party; Kentucky 9/12 Project, Inc.; San Fernando Valley Patriots, Inc.; Portage County Tea Party, Inc.; Chattanooga Tea Party; and American Patriots Against Government Excess.

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